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Things you might like to know upon having your character meet Alexia:
  • Alexia is really obviously not human—she has long, pointy ears that stick straight up, her eyes glow a sort of acidic green, and she's like six feet tall.
  • If you've got magic senses, she reads as heavily magical.  Like, if you have a World of Darkness aura reading ability, she's got the magic use sparkles.  If your character might be able to pick up the type of magic or resonance flavoring, she carries traces of evil/chaotic/demonic magic.  It's nearly all from proximity leakage rather than personal use, if your ability makes that distinction—magic on Azeroth is a little like radiation.  (If you're a vampire, her blood is probably kind of weird.)
  • It's pretty faint, but she has a fair amount of light scarring consistent with someone who's seen their fair share of fighting.
  • She looks like she hasn't gotten enough sleep in years.
Regarding powers and other stuff:
  • Alexia has a resistance to arcane magic—if you're casting magic, it's probably not going to work nearly as well on her. The distinction of what constitutes "magic" is a little arbitrary, but think along the lines of anything like M:tA(w) magic, Harry Potter magic, etc.
  • She's a strong-willed individual, but not indomitable; she'll be more reticent on certain subjects than others.  Ping me if you want to use some kind of unnatural mental influence on her and we'll figure it out.
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